Monday, October 12, 2009

A Little Bit of Christmas Year Round

This week, the Word Quilters will talk about our favorite Christmas decorations, might be outdoor, might be indoors. Mine is about a year round table top Christmas tree that sits atop a barley twist table in our family room.

When January rolls around, I'm a bit sad to put away the Christmas decorations. Years ago, I came up with an idea that suits our family and delights our grandchildren. Since I resist the urge to leave the stockings, mistletoe, and shimmering lights up all year long, our foot and a half, year round Christmas tree brings a bit of whimiscal joy to each day. I also leave out one other Christmas item that I'll tell you about in a minute.

The picture is of the current autumn tree (the little string of lights and small shiny autumn leaves didn't show up in the pic). The tree will hold Christmas decor soon, then bright red hearts, then a few crosses and tiny bunnies, and then late spring to fall, it sparkles with American pride, proud to be an American tree. The tree has a set of battery powered lights that we turn on when we have guests.

I also leave beside the tree a small six by five inch nativity, a single piece of carved limestone with faint pink tinting--a reminder that gifts to others come in different packages, year round things that can lift spirits.


Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

What a lovely idea! I may have to borrow this one; how much fun it would be to seek out little pumpkin garlands (like yours) or sea shells or flowers, etc.

Cathy Messecar said...

Sandy, Welcome. How nice to have you stop by. You can certainly adapt this idea to your region and use seashells and spring flowers as well. Now, I just may have to do some of those additional tiny items on my spring and summer tree. Thanks for the inspiration.