Monday, October 12, 2009

Favorite Christmas Decoration - By Trish Berg


I love decorating my home at Christmastime...little white lights on the banister. Greenery and white lights oh the barn beams that adorn my kitchen ceiling. Mini Christmas trees, Santa's, angels and wise men.

Most of all I love decorating with snowmen because I can leave them up all winter long, well past Christmas.
So when New Year's comes and goes, and we take down all of the Santa Clause figurines, trees, white lights and greenery, we can leave up a jolly old bunch of snowmen to brighten our home.


Toronto realtor said...

Hi, nice Christmas banner. Decorating of house is a great activity and I love doing it any time in the year. However, before Christmas it has very special atmosphere. Those snowmen are great. Thanks for some inspiration and little bit of Christmas atmosphere.

Good luck,

Cathy Messecar said...

Thanks for stopping by Julie. I hadn't thought of leaving the snowmen out through the winter. Guess I'll be doing that along with the "sesonal" tree I leave up.