Friday, October 30, 2009

Dear Santa letter

Dear Santa,

I do have everything I need this Christmas, and I’ve been pretty good. No, not perfect, but haven’t committed any major crimes either.

One gift you could leave in my Christmas stocking this year is a big ol’ gift certificate for books, to a local bookstore, or an online store of your choice.

You are Santa so you know best.

If the gift certificate is huge, I can have the fun of selecting children’s books to give away. Does everyone love wandering the children’s books sections as much as I do? The illustrations are so captivating and the poetry so delectable.

With this humongous gift certificate in addition to children's books, I will buy books for me! Plus more for my church’s library, a local homeless shelter and other folks who need and welcome books.

So that is what I would enjoy, and if someone else needs that certificate more, please put it in their Christmas stocking this year, instead of in mine. I always find a way to buy and enjoy books.

Love, Terra

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Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

I too love children's books. My children are all grown now; but when I see a favorite book at a second hand store -- or perhaps one that looks wonderful, or a good seasonal book -- I just have to buy it.

And I have a great selection of Xmas book - magazines, Xmas cooking/crafts/traditions, children's -- that are only put out after Nov 11th and that are intended to gently ease the readers into the Xmas season and add to the spirit of love and joy.

I love books!