Friday, October 16, 2009

Favorite Decorations

I love how my house transforms from ordinary to warm and sparkly as we decorate for Christmas.
I can't choose a favorite decoration since all the tiny parts add up to such a merry vibe.
The colors of red and gold and green pop out in a festive way, beginning with when I put my collection of wooden nutcrackers up on the fireplace mantel.
Red Christmas stockings, the traditional red poinsettias, and red and white amaryllis accent the center piece of our tall Christmas tree.
The wooden reindeer displaying cards from friends and family far and near has a place of honor.
Our two nativity scenes have quiet beauty, and Christmas carols add their own charm.
Who could choose just one element? Not me today. I love it all.

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Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

I agree, that there are too many wonderful & beautiful & dear things when it comes to Xmas decorations: like the ornaments you made with the kids, the old glass ones belonging to your now gone Mother-in-law, the wreath made by a favorite Aunt, the surprise Winnie the Pooh hanging that was a surprise 50th b'day gift from 2 school friends you haven't seen since you graduated. But I guess there is one that really stands out for me: I have a large Jim Shore nativity set that was given to me over a period of 3 Christmases by my children when they were early & pre-teens --the love and sacrifice on their part, their choosing something they knew I'd love, and the sheer beauty of the piece itself just makes it extra special.