Monday, October 19, 2009

Homemade Gifts

Look for great ideas this week from the WQs as we share how-to for terrific homemade gifts.

Mine is one that most any one person or family would enjoy:

Fiesta Cracker Fixins!

scant cup of canola oil
1 packet of dry Hidden Vallen Ranch Dressing
2-3 teaspoons red pepper flakes (I use 2)
1 box fat free saltines (4 sleeves, MUST BE FAT FREE)

In a very large bowl with lid or oversized large zippered plastic bag (larger than gallon size) mix first three ingredients and stir, then gently empty the four sleeves of Fat Free crackers into container. Roll bowl or bag to coat all crackers. Repeat every couple hours. Leave in container for 24 hours. Store in zippered freezer bags or storage bags.

These are wonderful with light salads or soups. Or I serve them with a cream cheese chicken spread.

My teenage nephews and tweener grandsons can't get enough of these tasty, zingy crackers. To create a gift, using the recipe below, make a batch of these at home. Then divide them up into baggies according to the number of people you will be gifting them to. (If you want, place some into freezer bags for your own use. They freeze great and are scrumptous crunchy when pulled from the freezer to go with a mild homemade soup.) Buy extra boxes of crackers (must be fat free to remain crunchy), red pepper flakes and individual packets of Hidden Valley Ranch dry mix to include in your basket or cellophane bag, so your recipients can then make a batch of their own. Copy the recipe on a large index card, punch a hole in corner and attach to gift with ribbon. The recipients will have a recipe they'll treasure and use for years to come.

Tell us about a favorite homemade gift you gave or received.

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