Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Grandkids Picture Wall

One of the favorite spots in my home is our picture wall of the grandkids. I bought frames that are similar in color and size but differ in shape and framed all those great 8x10 pictures we received as gifts.

Each child has his/her own frame and as I get a new picture, I take their frame down and insert the picture in front of the older ones. Each time I get to look at how much they've grown and changed.

We will have to shuffle the framed pictures a bit this next Christmas to make room for number seven. Another girl. If there are too many more additions, I'll have to switch to 5x7 pictures.

The wall is right outside our bedroom door so the last thing I see before going to bed at night are all those shiny smiling faces. I say goodnight and cherish the blessings.

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