Thursday, October 15, 2009

I Love White Elephants!!!

If I haven’t already shared with you, I LOVE white elephant gift exchanges. In a lot of ways, they’re more fun than the real thing. Through the years, I’ve found some wonderful (read: horrible) gifts—ones that live on through their legends in our family or circle of friends. In fact, my story about the cardboard cut-out of Elvis from a white elephant gift exchange is my favorite contribution to A Scrapbook of Christmas Firsts. If you like The King, this story is a must read!

Some other white elephant favorites include:
The actual ceramic white elephant I found at Canton, 300-acre flea market between Dallas and Tyler.
A pink flamingo stuffed animal (we poke major fun at pink flamingo aficionados of the world)
Redneck gifts always bring a smile (the redneck woman’s coozie, camo with pink fuzzy fringe OR the redneck briefcase—men’s boxers stapled to a wooden handle)

What’s your favorite white elephant story? Please share. I could use the laugh!

1 comment:

PartyWeDo said...

I enjoyed your Elvis story..
White Elephant Parties are great social experiences that build long memories.
I just bought a crazy white elephant gift for this years white elephant party: It is Norman PhartEphant. This is a stuffed toy elephant that when you squeeze his tail, he makes farting noises... This will really spool-up the conversation in our next exchange!