Friday, October 2, 2009

Making a List and Checking it Twice

Making a list and checking it twice,
for all friends and relations, whether naughty or nice!
When my sons ask what my husband, Will, and I want for Christmas, I have some budget minded ideas. Sometimes our sons improvise and give me gift certificates to a plant nursery or to a book store, always a wise choice for me, and to a bike store for my mountain biking husband. He loves that gift!
Some years one of our sons will give us one of those entertainment coupon books, with lots of great deals for restaurant meals. One year a son gave us an air popper for popcorn which was very welcome and gets alot of use.
Do I write out a gift list for my Christmas gift giving ideas?
Actually, post-it notes are a part of my day to day life, full of things to do and buy, and I still jot down holiday gift ideas. However, this is not a structured list, just brilliant (hopefully brilliant) ideas.
I ask my favorite people, what would you like for Christmas, and am happy when they give me several ideas so I can choose one.
Also, I am on the lookout for small items that will be put in the Christmas stockings.
Our cats get the same gifts every year, and are well content with our selections: catnip grown by my sister and a can of Chicken of the Sea tuna (not the pet food variety).
Since we don't want or need anything, the best thing our sons give us is their hugs and presence back home for the holidays.
Being together with our loved ones is like a glimpse of heaven, for me, and a super gift.

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Sally Ferguson said...

"We don't need anything" true. We live in a culture of plenty, and it's getting harder to think of creative gifts to give. I'm looking forward to great ideas found here!